“At ICHU, we celebrate Peruvian dishes in a welcoming, casual environment. Our intention is to showcase traditional ingredients and cooking techniques as well as Peru’s dining culture. We want guests to feel as though they have been to Peru and experienced local comfort food. I’m excited to take Hong Kong diners out of their comfort zone and offer them dishes they probably haven’t tasted before.”


In partnership with Virgilio Martinez Véliz, the celebrated chef behind the award-winning restaurant Central in Lima, Peru, ICHU serves contemporary Peruvian cuisine in a relaxed, bistro-style setting. By showcasing authentic flavours and honouring Peruvian culinary traditions, ICHU has made a mark on Hong Kong’s dynamic food scene.


We bring the casual food culture of Peru to Hong Kong diners in a fun and innovative way.

Celebrating this diverse culture, ICHU presents the ingredients, recipes and traditions that distinguish Peru in the global culinary scene.

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